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Upgrading Road to Airforce Base at Madombidzha
Upgrading Road to Airforce Base
Upgrading Road to Airforce Base

Client: Vhembe District Municipality
Project: Upgrading of Road D959 Leading to the Airforce Base Phase 3
Location: Madombidzha
Value: R 52 291 562.25
Completion: July 2012

Scope of Services: Planning, design, administration and construction monitoring of the project

Project Details:
This project involves the design, documentation, tender and upgrading (gravel to tar) of Road D959. It also includes all the associated civil services such as stormwater drainage, road signs, road markings and provision for bell-mouths for future intersections.

The road to be upgraded serves a residential areas and small farms along the road and can be classified as a local collector road. The total length of the road is approximately 12.4 km long, with proper pavement layers, storm water drainages and surfacing with a 13.2mm and 6.7mm double seal.

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