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Tshenzhelani Water Supply Project
Tshenzhelani Water Supply Project
Tshenzhelani Water Supply Project

Client: Vhembe District Municipality,
Project: Tshenzhelani Water Supply Project,
Location: Tshenzhelani,
Value: R 3 511 467.97,

Scope of Services: The scope of this project is to design the bulk water supply system, storages and a reticulation system for Tshendzhelani village

Project Details:

  1. Construct a new internal reticulation.
    Lay approximately 3767m of new class 9 uPVC pipes, 63mm diameter.
    Install 13 new standpipes within a radius of less than 200m from any household.
    Install isolation valves on the new reticulation pipe line.
  2. Drill new boreholes
    Drill 4 new boreholes with a yield of 3l/s
    Conduct yield and quality test to confirm the yield and the quality of the water.
    Equip the 2 new boreholes with either electric or diesel driven pumps.
    Construct the pumping mains from the borehole to the new storage facilities.
  3. Construct a new supply line.
    Construct 4827m pumping mains from the boreholes to the storage facility in the village.
    Install air vales and scour valves on the new pumping mains.
  4. Construct new storage facility
    Construct a new 150kl storage facility to supply the village with water.

For the whole contract, labour intensive construction methods will be undertaken as per the EPWP Guidelines, wherever feasible.

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