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Capacity Building Management

T2-TECH accepts responsibility to take deliberate, active and practicable approach in the empowerment and development of disadvantaged communities it serves, strives to impart a culture of productive activity, which dispels the handout syndrome.

It is fundamental principle of T2-TECH that all projects are structured to facilitate the transfer of skills and technology. The local community being technically enriched and empowered as a result of working with T2-TECH. We believe this concept of skill transfer and empowerment is both excellent and essential.

Polokwane Office

Physical Address :
Maweja House
16A Church Street
Postal Address:
P O Box 233

Tel: 015 291 3320 / 015 295 9572
Fax: 015 295 2116 / 086 684 3986
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About us
T2-TECH is a full service provider of civil and structural work consulting, technical design and project management, offering seasoned and comprehensive professional service. T2-TECH strives to adhere to the highest technical standard and achievements in the industry, enabling customers/clients to achieve their goals beyond expectations.

“Celebrating a Decade of Engineering Excellence”

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